Milhouse welcoming the user to the web page

Remember Milhouse? He's Back... In Pog Form!

Click a Milhouse to Hear Him Speak!

  • But my mom says I'm cool.

  • mom bought me deodorant!

  • Welcome Thrillho!

  • Doctor says the real kind could kill me.

  • Remember Alf? He's pog form!

  • I feel like I'm gonna explode here!

  • ...she's bound to respect you.

  • (feeble neighing imitation)

  • I'll kick your Nintendo.

  • Why did I have the bowl?

  • ...when doves cry.

  • Sure, what's a big sister for?

  • Everything's coming up Milhouse!

  • I'm freaking out!

  • They're the hardest place to add mass!

  • Take that, Dr. Sally Waxler!